How will the 2020 Census work?

Locally, you should look for your first census notice in the mail in the middle or last few weeks of March. It may look like this, and it will explain how you can complete the census by:


Who will be counted?

The government does a census count once every 10 years and uses the population to calculate how much funding Franklin County should receive for many different programs, like transportation, student loans, Medicaid and more.

It is important that everyone is counted. An individual's census information cannot be shared with any other agency. That's the law. So count everyone living in your home, no matter their age, that includes:

  1.  Foster children.

  2.  Grandchildren.

  3.  Any children who split places between two homes and will be with you on April 1, 2020.

  4.  Newborns if they are born on or before April 1, 2020, including any newborns who may still be in the hospital.

  5.  Anyone renting your home.

  6. Roommates. And any friends or family members “who are living and sleeping there most of the time.”

  7.  Immigrants and refugees.

  8.  College students living at home. ( college students who live away from home should be counted at the residence where they sleep most often. )

  9.  Foreign students living and attending college in the U.S.

  10.  Military personnel who are temporarily deployed overseas should be counted at their usual home in the United States.

  11.  Patients in hospitals for routine stays.

  12.  Patients at in-patient hospice facilities.